19 Nov
Holiday Closures
Posted 11/19/2022

Arizona Soaring will be closed on Thursday, November 24th for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We will be closing at 1 PM on Saturday, December 24th and all day on Sunday, December 25th for Christmas.  We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and we apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience these closures may have.

20 Jul
Upcoming Temporary Closures
Posted 7/20/2022

Arizona Soaring will be temporarily closed from Aug 15-18 and Aug 22-25 while members of our staff attend the World Glider Aerobatic Championships in Issoudin, France.  We will be open Aug 19-21 for limited instruction, rental, tows, and rides.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause for our customers.  We look forward to flying with you all again following these closures.

15 Jun
Upcoming Temporary Closures
Posted 6/15/2022

Arizona Soaring will be closed from July 1st-15th for our annual summer vacation. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience or disappointment these closures may create.  We look forward to flying with you all again following these closures.

12 Feb
2022 U.S. National Aerobatic Contest
Posted 2/12/2022

The U.S. National Glider Aerobatic Championships will be held in conjunction with the Estrella Classic, February 16-19 at Estrella Sailport (E68) in Arizona.  Unofficial practice days will be held February 12-15.  During the unofficial practice days and execution of the contest, Arizona Soaring will have no training, aircraft rental or ride availability.

Estrella Sailport, home of Arizona Soaring and birth place of Glider aerobatics in the U.S., was the site of the first U.S. Glider Aerobatic Championships in the 1980s. For many recent years, the event has been mixed in with the U.S. Powered Aerobatic Nationals. This will be the first time in the modern era that Glider Nationals will return to the historic site and be held as a distinct event.

The US Air Force Academy will be in attendance with their fleet of DG1000s as well as their newly acquired MDM-1 Fox! Preliminary registrations show more than 30 pilots from all corners of the country and perhaps more than a dozen gliders including Foxes, a Swift, SZD-59s, and… do I hear a Salto?

The Advanced and Unlimited categories will fly a modified IAC/CIVA format with a Free Known program followed by Unknown programs designed by a panel of World and European Champion pilots. An Artistic Freestyle category with optional smoke and music is also slated for the event. This will be an all glider event with categories Sportsman thru Unlimited.

Spectators are welcome, but must remain within the designated spectator area at all times.

1 Jul
Temporary Closure
Posted 7/1/2021

Arizona Soaring Inc. will be temporarily closed from 1-12 July, 2021 for Summer vacation.  We will be monitoring the phone and email during our break, please feel free to contact us.  We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment and look forward to serving you all again soon.  Happy 4th of July!

14 May
Scholarship Announcement
Posted 5/14/2021

We are proud to announce the Estrella Scholarship!  We are passionate about soaring and love sharing the many wonders and challenges soaring provides.  Coupled with that passion comes the responsibility to inspire and assist the next generation of aviators and soaring enthusiasts.  We believe that all young aspiring pilots, regardless of their economic status, should have the opportunity to fulfill their aviation dreams. If you know of an aspiring young aviator who is in need of a little financial assistance to help achieve their goals, please encourage them to apply.  Apple here: https://www.azsoaring.com/scholarship



1 May
Posted 5/1/2020

Arizona Soaring Inc. will be resuming normal instruction, tow, and ride operations on the 12th of May.  More information to follow on the additional steps and requirements needed to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of our staff and clientele.  We're looking forward to getting back to work!  We hope to see many of you soon.

15 Apr
Temporary Closure
Posted 4/15/2020

Arizona Soaring Inc. continues to monitor daily changes surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) and carefully considers all options, including what the surrounding local and Federal government agencies recommend and/or enact. The health and safety of our staff and clientele has always been, and will continue to be, our upmost priority.  At present time, we have temporarily ceased all onsite flight & ground training activity until May 1st.  We will reassess and adjust our timeline as needed, recommend, or directed.  As a reminder, we are offering online ground school.  The downtime is a great opportunity to brush up on your aeronautical knowledge or make progress towards a rating.  Feel free to reach out if we can answer any questions or be of any assistance.

8 Apr
Block Rate Program
Posted 4/8/2020

We're excited to announce the implementation of a trial block-rate program.  See below for details, rules & restrictions.

                                                        BLOCK RATE
Base Purchase  % Added Total Added To Account 
$500 10% $550
$1,000 10% $1,100
$2,000 10% $2,200
$3,000 10% $3,300
$4,000 10% $4,400
$5,000 10% $5,500



  • Limited time offer: Ends 30 June, 2020
  • Account must be $0 or in positive standing prior to block purchase
  • Block purchases must be made prior to services/charges rendered.
  • Block purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Block purchases must be used for Tows, Rental, Instruction, & Hangar/Tiedown.
22 Mar
Online Ground School
Posted 3/22/2020

In an effort to support our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Arizona Soaring Inc. is now offering ground school online.  Whether you're actively working towards a rating or would simply like to speak with one of our CFI's about a particular topic, we're here to support you. We may be limited to the degree with which we can interact face to face, but the spring season is upon us, great soaring is ahead, and it's a great opportunity to brush up on our aeronautical knowledge!  Online ground school is now being offered via Skype or FaceTime. If you'd like to setup an online session, please contact us at info@azsoaring.com.

11 Dec
Estrella Classic
Posted 12/11/2019

Arizona Soaring is excited to announce that we will be hosting an aeroabtic competition at Estrella Sailport February 6th-8th.  Interested in participating, volunterring, or watching?  Contact the office to register or to get additional information.

5 Sep
New Website Launch
Posted 9/5/2019

We're excited to launch our new and improved Arizona Soaring Inc. website.  Its packed full of great information on our training, rides, history, staff, weather, sales, and lots of great photos.  We hope you find the website useful and welcome any feedback.  Check back regularly for news and information on upcoming events, competitions, and BBQ’s to be hosted at Estrella Sailport.